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We get it there Fast!


We get it there Fast!

Annual Charges

This is no annual sign-up fee that is charged for the use of services. Service will automatically renewed on the anniversary of your sign-up date

Customs Fees
Customs duties are calculated based on the guidelines provided by the Jamaican Government on arrival of all goods to the island.
Air Freight

Air Freight includes the cost of freighting goods from the United States and is quoted in US$. 

What we do

Where is my package?

Who We Are

Skyshore Shipping Services Limited began its operations in March 2004, and proudly stands as the only company of its kind that is fully owned and operated by Jamaicans, whether it is our warehouse in Florida or local offices located at: 27 Westminster Road, Kingston 10..read more


When you sign up with Skyshore Shipping you will be given a mailing address in the United States to which you can send all your goods that you will need to be shipped to Jamaica. This may include items purchased on the internet, small items that friends and family in the US would like to send to you in Jamaica or even statements, bills and magazines that you would like to receive. Our warehouse in the US is wholly owned and operated by Jamaicans for Jamaicans. You are also welcome to visit our warehouse to hand deliver items. • Exclusive Florida Mailing Address • Quick delivery of Packages to Jamaica • Online Shopping without US Credit Card